Sunday, April 28, 2019

Hand Pieced QAL Update

I'm cutting it close for the link up party but I did finish my Hand Sewn QAL top. It's a very bright and sunny day here in Florida so it might not be the best picture. I used a textured white fabric and the rest is all batiks. I love batik fabric. 

I really enjoyed working on this project. I've wanted to try hand piecing a quilt for several years and it's nice to be able to cross that off my to try list. I will be hand quilting this quilt also. I find hand quilting very relaxing so it will be fun. I like working on this project early in the morning before I start my day.

A little bonus picture of one of my mini flower beds. When they tore up our road to put in city water and sewer I found a bunch of sea shells. These are a handful of them. Both bunches of orange flowers are marigolds that I planted from seed. They're supposed to be dwarf marigolds. The flowers that are only green leaves right now are dwarf sunflowers that I started from seed. I bought both seeds from The Dollar Tree. I wonder if they have a thing for dwarf flowers??


  1. Love your hand pieced quilt--nice happy colors--
    and your little garden is cute!!
    I did get my blocks done--was thinking of doing a print lattice--
    but after seeing so many of them finished with the white or white on white--
    I am going to do the same--at least that is todays plan--!!!
    and when it is done I will be hand quilting it too--
    good to hear from you--
    luv, di

  2. Very pretty quilt. You did a perfect job. It was also my first attempt at hand piecing.

  3. Your quilt top is beautiful! Great job. Thanks for linking up to the Hand Pieced QAL!

  4. Love all your projects I am still new at this but you are so good at teacher I pick up good I do miss seeing you not just your hands. Hope you are doing good. Thanks for your work.

  5. Love your quilt top and your little garden..Hope you are doing good. I think of you often.


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