Thursday, February 7, 2019

Hand Pieced QAL Block 3

I spent today stitching block 3 of the hand pieced qal.   This block took me awhile to get it all stitched together. My stitches are getting better but I'm struggling with the multiple seams. Stitching through the seams is no problem it's just how to press them to get the block to lay flat.  No big surprise there since I struggle with that when machine sewing blocks too.

I did go back and press all three blocks and they lay nice and flat now.  I like that we can link up our blocks each week. It gives me a deadline and a little pressure to get each week's block done. I know I can go at my own pace but I also know if I don't link up each week then I won't finish the project. It's only 9 blocks over 9 weeks which isn't that big of a commitment so I should be fine. 


  1. I think your blocks are looking great! Such pretty colors! I'm struggling to get those seams to lay flat, too - maybe there will be some more tips for us on that in the coming weeks.

  2. Very pretty block--
    I haven't done or even cut mine out yet-though I did get the fabrics picked out--
    so you 'could' say I have started it!!!!
    I did not realize it was every week--was thinking once a month--every week is ok--
    except--I now have the Hexie/Inchy to do every day for the year--
    and then I am doing the Crabapple sampler which is every day this month!!
    and I am doing Fee's weekly gift challenge--but always seem to be behind on that one--
    though I do hope to get caught up by Monday for Monday's challenge--(I have the 2 candle mats to just stitch together and today I got parts (lots of parts) cut for 4 needle holders-now to just press all the parts and trims and then glue glue glue and they will be done)
    and I did sign up for 1Xmas item a month and OMG project each month--
    oh and now I want to do the stitcheries from Allie-Opps designs--
    STOP ME NOW--I am crazy--and think I am over committed--
    cause I also want to do some counted cross stitching each day---
    ok--back to work--
    luv, di

  3. Beautiful block! Thanks for linking up with the Hand Pieced QAL!


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