Friday, February 15, 2019

Hand Pieced QAL Block 4

Week 4 of the Hand Pieced QAL is an hourglass block. As I'm sure you can tell I have not trimmed this block yet. I've decided to wait until I've made all the blocks before trimming them up. We will be adding sashing between the blocks so I'm not too worried if they are a bit off in size from each other. I'll just adjust the sashing width to accommodate any discrepancies.

I think I've created muscle memory for hand stitching at this point. Last week's block went fairly well but this week's block were much faster to stitch. Of course the process of hand stitching blocks is still slower than by machine but that's part of the point really. You spend more time with each fabric and block not to mention the portability and relaxation that comes with slowing down and hand stitching.

This is the back of the block. This is the part that I'm still working to improve. I need to remember to stop and press and trim each smaller block before I stitch them all together into the final block. 

The block lays nice and flat now. I was able to spin the seams on the little blocks and I sort of spun the center of the big block lol.


  1. Very pretty block--the pressing is a 'challenge' though, isn't it??
    I just finished block 3--
    but do have block 4 all prepped--
    that may be this afternoon's project--
    It is raining here today--yep--warm enough to rain--
    at least during the day--who knows for later--
    luv, di

  2. Lovely block. Thanks for linking up to the Hand Pieced QAL. Great spun seams!


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