Sunday, February 11, 2018

HST 16 Patches

I've been busy trimming, pressing, and sewing hsts for my February UFO project. 

So far I think the purples are my favorite. No surprise there.

I like the blues in general but there's just too many floral prints for my taste but I'm someone will love them. They won't be as noticeable once sewn into a quilt so that helps.

When I started trimming hsts I was feeling a bit cocky and decided not to press the seams open. They came to me already stitched and pressed to one side so I was being lazy. I did end up pressing the long seams open on this group of 16 patches though. As I'm trimming the brown and green hsts I am re-pressing the seams open. For such small (3")  hsts there is just too much bulk otherwise. I don't normally press my seams open so this is a different process for me. It's a necessary step but not one I'm too fond of though.