Tuesday, December 5, 2017

TTMT #20 Hoodies and Christmas Decorations

I finished Justin's hoodie and also added a zipper to one of my old hoodies. I also take you on a little tour of how I decorated my craft room for Christmas.

Friday, December 1, 2017

November 2017 WiP Parade

It might come as a shock but I only worked on three knitting projects this past month. My main focus was Robbie's socks because they will be another pair of Christmas socks for him. I've turned both heels and now I just need to knit the legs and cuffs. I try to make the legs/cuffs the same length as the foot so when you fold the sock in half the toe and heel match up. Know what I mean?

My daughter Miranda has a co-worker/friend, Gia, that had twin boys earlier this year. Gia asked if I could make a pair of knit hats for the boys for their pictures with Santa. I didn't want to just make Red Santa hats because then after Christmas the boys really couldn't wear them. Although Gia said she would put the Santa hats on the boys in February lol. January and February are our coldest months in my area of Florida so I with a design and color scheme that would work for both Christmas and into the Winter months.

I thought green and white striped stocking hats would be cute on the boys. I was surprised to find a pattern on Ravelry called Not Only Christmas Hat. I actually had it in my library for a few years just waiting for it's turn to be made.  These hats will now become my main focus.

Since I couldn't or didn't want to bring Robbie's socks to the kid's house I of course started a new project. I started this scarf instead of the twin hats because I was waiting on Gia to measure the boys heads for me. I used the Redheart Americana yarn and it has a blue section with white to represent the stars and then it changes from red and white for the stripes of the flag. I looked on Redheart's pattern page and Ravelry and couldn't find a simple scarf pattern so I just cast on somewhere around 28-30 stitches and I'm knitting it in garter stitch which is just knit every row. I'm slipping the first stitch as if to purl with the yarn in front and I'm knitting through the back loop of the last stitch so that the borders are nice and straight. I have another skein and if I don't need it for this scarf I might try a scarf with a big cable up the center. I think that would look nice with this yarn.

Monday, November 27, 2017

November UFO finishes

After dealing with all the preparations for Thanksgiving I knew I wanted to spend a little time sewing yesterday. I haven't had much time to just sit and sew this month. I was going to play with some scraps until I remembered I still needed to work on my November WIP from the Quilting Around the World quilt along. This month I chose 6 small stockings that I started a couple years ago. I had the fronts done but I still needed to finish the rest.

As you can see I went totally scrappy. I used Elanor Burn's Quilt in a Day Strip stocking pattern. I linked to the free pattern page. Scroll down about 3/4s of the page and you'll find the pattern. It opens up as a pdf.  I normally struggle with the cuff and little hanger placement but this time everything worked out well. It made for a very relaxing morning in the sewing room. The hum of the sewing machine is a relaxing sound for me. I do believe I have finished a UFO or at least made progress on one each month this year. My UFO bin is starting to empty out a bit.