Sunday, September 24, 2017

M-I-C-K-E-Y - M-O-U-S-E - Ears (sang to the Mickey Mouse Club tune)


My oldest, Justin, has a coworker/friend that is a Disney fanatic. Kelsey has a yearly pass to Disney World and definitely gets her money worth. She probably goes every month if not more often. She goes to all the special events like Mickey's birthday bash and Halloween. She goes to events I've never heard of like Pin days. Something about going around the park to the different characters and answering their question to earn a special character pin. No clue. Kelsey enjoys so it and that's all that really matters.

Except of you're a die hard Disney fan you have to dress the part. One of things you need are Mickey Ears. I remember those fuzzy plastic black hats with the big fuzzy black ears and maybe your name embroidered on the front - for a few extra dollars of course.  

Now there are headbands with fabric ears and little doodads glued on. This is where I step in. Kelsey buys all the supplies and I make her ears for each event. At first it was a pain and I didn't want to ever make another pair of ears for the rest of my life but then like most things they got easier with each set of ears. 


This time I made Lilo & Stitch and Ursula ears. Kelsey ordered the bows online I believe so she will need to add those herself. I believe she wore her new Ears this past Tuesday. Last time I made Villain ears for her everyone she came across wanted to know where she bought her ears. I guess I made them right.

This time I filmed a sew with me non-tutorial type video. This way you can see how I make my ears and if I forget I can watch the video and be reminded.

Sew with me - How I make stuffed Disney Ears 

Friday, September 1, 2017

September WiPs

I thought I would try doing a Work in Progress parade each month. A quick glance at the projects that I've worked on the previous month whether it's almost a finished object or I only knit a row. It doesn't feel right to post a project each week when I might have only spend a few minutes working on something or the progress isn't very noticeable. This way I can keep track of my progress and show off everything in one post.

Let the parade begin!

I added a border to my FLASH mystery quilt along. The pattern calls for four borders but I don't want a bed quilt. I prefer lap quilts. I added a 3" border so when I sew on the binding I can avoid all those pesky lumpy seams.

My latest pair of socks for me. I've found that I prefer to just knit plain vanilla socks. I like that I don't have to think when I'm knitting socks.      

I always have a dishcloth on the needles. I like to knit on these while making dinner. I like having an easy project to pick up and set back down without getting lost. Most times there's 10 or 20 minutes of "free" time while waiting for something to cook.

I'm using the same dishcloth pattern  to knit a lap-ghan. I use this as my before bed project. Most nights I like to lay in bed and read for a bit before I fall asleep. Sometimes I like to knit. This is a great no brainer to work on before bed.

I find that I really enjoy knitting baby blankets. Feather and fan is one of my favorite designs to knit.

I also enjoy knitting stuffed toys. Not so sure about this zebra though. Changing colors every two rows is annoying and fiddly. Normally I use a fun multi-color yarn to make toys but I was worried that without the stripes it would just be a horse. Right? I probably won't make this pattern again. Unless a customer requests one ;)

Last year I joined the craze and started knitting a mitre square blanket. This is my third and final start. It took me a couple tries to get the decreases just the way I like them. I like that this pattern's decreases create a diagonal ridge in the squares. I am using sock weight yarn on size 1 needles. No clue how big I will knit it. I do know that it will have a garter stitch border probably in black. I'm trying to knit a square a day but it doesn't always happen. I think I might be averaging 5 squares a week so that's not too bad.

Seven main wips to start the month with isn't too bad, right? Let me know if anyone else is interested in showing off your wips each month and I will add a link party to my monthly post.