Sunday, July 17, 2016


I started another cross stitch project this month. This one will be for my oldest Justin. All three of my kids love Harry Potter. They were at the right ages to grow up with the books and then movies. Justin and Mandy either have HP tattoos or are planning on getting some. Unless he has changed his mind, Justin plans on getting an "Always" tattoo.

I found this cross stitch pattern on Etsy.

Justin's favorite colors are orange and lime green so I dyed some fabric with kool-aid. My first time dying with kool-aid and I think it came out pretty good. I wanted it to be a subtle background color and not over powering. 

This is a piece of even-weave fabric that came in a cross stitch kit that I worked up earlier this year. I had never worked on even-weave before and didn't want to try at the time so I used some Aida instead. I've spent several hours cross stitching recently and thought I would be brave and try the even-weave. That and I didn't want to spend any more money on cross stitch fabric. It's not too bad to work on but I think I will stick with my usual Aida. Even-weave seems like it would be good for something that has a lot of detail not something as simple as this. I definitely have to use a magnifier and pay close attention to which hole(s) I'm putting each stitch. Aida uses every hole where even-weave uses the corner holes from a set of 9 holes. 

When this one is done Mandy has requested this design by Clouds Factory.

This Epic Pokemon one will be for Robbie.

I think those should keep me busy for quite awhile.

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Sock monkey knitting

My son Robbie and his girlfriend Hailey have been dating for almost 7 months. That's a long time for a couple 16 + 17 year olds. Hailey asked for a pink stuffed alien or a sock monkey. I decided to knit a sock monkey first because I haven't seen an acceptable sewing pattern for an alien yet. This lady will be a 7 month anniversary gift. Remember being that age and counting the weeks and months of a relationship? Nowadays I have to stop and calculate how long hubby and I have been together (26 years together and married for 20 in October).

 I just know we are on our second lifetime. First it was those young years when we were starting our little family. Now that our youngest is 17 I feel like we are on our second lifetime together. I remember when I was in my 20's (and knew everything) and thought that 50 was kinda old and a long time away. Now that I'm 47 fifty isn't so far away anymore. Now we are beginning a new part of our lives which includes adult children (25 and 28). Both lifetimes have pros and cons but I know I will be enjoying this time of my life.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Small project

Sometime last year or earlier this year I won this little kit from a Flosstuber. It came free with a magazine and she wasn't going to stitch it up so she had a give away.

I've been fighting a migraine and didn't want to deal with the very small pattern for my Oriental Butterfly so I decided to work on this little project.

It would have been a quick stitch but I was trolling facebook, making cookies, and watching videos on YouTube so it took me most of today to complete.  It's a cute little notebook. Once I buy some double sided tape to hold in the pages I will be adding this to the gift basket. It's cute but I tend to use larger notepads or notebooks. I do like the blue design on the front cover of the magazine it came with though. I might need to go on a search for that issue. Plus, those little bunny girl cards are adorable.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

U.S.A. Map

Back in  2011 I saw this post over on See Kate Sew and fell in love. I knew I would eventually make at least one scrappy map. 

Since July 4th is right around the corner I decided to make a red, white, and blue scrappy version. I decided to start in the center of the US and work my way to the outer borders. Let me tell you, this felt harder than putting together a regular jigsaw puzzle. Thankfully I thought ahead and wrote the name of each state on the back of each piece. I don't even want to think about trying to figure out which state is which. Of course states like Florida, Texas, California, and Louisiana are easy to identify but Wyoming and Colorado, etc. is nearly impossible to figure out.

I kept looking at the map on my phone and back to my pieces making sure I had each state in the right spot. Once I found my rhythm it went pretty well until I got to the Northern states. Whomever was making the states borders way back then sure didn't think about us in the future. So many tiny states on the East coast compared to out West. I remember as a child trying to color in Rhode Island and Delaware and getting mad because they are so tiny. 

Even with the small frustrations I really enjoyed working on this project. Hopefully I will have this turned into a wall hanging before the 4th of July. Wish me luck!