Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Shark Mitts

Another project I finished up this past weekend...

These were from an old Coats & Clark pamphlet I found among a bunch of pamphlets I won off Ebay awhile ago. These were the only things that interested me. The rest were very outdated items. These were very easy since they are knit on two single point needles! They consist of knit-purl-increase-decrease stitches. The teeth are French knots. It couldn't have been simpler! The one in the pattern had button eyes... I upgraded to my trusty wiggle eyes. Much easier!

Bags, Bags, and more Bags

Awhile back, I purchased a few patterns from Maggie's Crochet. I finally got around to crocheting a few of them. I thought these would make fun stockings for the little ones this Xmas. They also would be good for the "big" girls to carry around their cell phones and money and some of those other necessities. I lined them all with matching felt to hide where I stitched the details onto the front. It is a little time consuming to hand stitch the lining, but I actually enjoy the calm, simple stitching!

Flower... the pattern called for orange and yellow...not a big fan of those colors, so I went with my tried and true faves.

The hearts were supposed to be lollipops, but I surveyed the family and they said to skip the lollipop sticks. I think the hearts look fine just as plain windows...

The next time I make this, I think I will add a black hat. The poor snowman looks naked without one!


This one is my favorite so far....Rudolf. He even has jingle bells on his harness!