Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday Best is a Sunday Finish :)


Sorry for the dull cell phone pics but my daughter borrowed my camera yesterday when she went to the hockey game. Then she decided to stay at her Aunt's and bring my camera back in time to take nice pics. Doesn't she realize that today is the last day of the month? The LAST day to post pics of a finished February Schnibble! lol 

I'll add some better pics tomorrow once I have my camera and some daylight. is home and here is a sharper picture :)

Ouch...that hurts!!

I have been having problems with my right shoulder for several months now. Lots of pain and inflammation. I had surgery to remove a bone spur back in October 2008 and for a few months everything was good. Then the pain started back up again last year.

I tried physical therapy for a few weeks but it didn't help. I also did the cortisone shots in both my shoulder and neck area. The shots helped for a couple days but then the pain came back even worse. 

I saw my ortho doctor on Tuesday and we decided it was time for another surgery. I saw him in November of 2009. He sent me to a neck doc who ordered the PT and shots. When I went back to him this week he was very surprised how much my shoulder has deteriorated in that short amount of time.  According to all the tests and examinations the bone he filed down in 2008 has decided to grow back. He said that in all his years and patients he has only seen the bone grow back quickly in one other patient. Theirs grew back in 2 years. I guess I'm special since mine grew back in less than a year. On average these bones don't usually grow back for 8-10 years.

I thought I would give everyone a little info about the surgery. These things always interest me so I thought maybe someone else might be curious. The doc will be doing this surgery arthroscopic-ally.  There will be just a couple little incisions where he will work through. I have pain up in the clavicle area so he will be shaving off some bone at the end of the clavicle. He uses a tool that reminds me of a Dremel just much smaller. I also have bursitis so he will be removing some or all of the bursa sac. There is also another bone in there that I'm not sure the name of that needs some major trimming.  That is the one that is causing the most pain. He will also be trimming up the rotator cuff  if he sees any shredding in there. There was a decent amount to trim up last time. Of course he'll also poke around and see what else might be causing trouble. You never really know what is going on in there until they get in there. Hopefully there won't be any tears or holes in the rotator cuff.

The surgery is schedule for March 24th. I start physical therapy on the 25th. Therapy will run for at least 12 visits but probably more. These are usually 3 times a week. I will be out of work for 6-8 weeks. Last time it ended up being 12 weeks because I pulled a muscle during therapy. Hopefully I can avoid that this time.

So, now I have 3 weeks to get all my swaps and current projects finished up. I won't be able to do much of anything for a bit after the surgery. The first 3 days or so after the surgery are extremely painful. I think I slept more than anything during those days last time. The pain meds just knocked me out lol.  Since I'll be in a sling for about 10 days I won't have much use of my right arm. After a couple weeks I should be able to gently use the sewing machine. I won't be able to use the rotary cutter for several weeks though. I have an embroidery project lined up once my arm starts to feel a bit better. It's a good thing that I can embroider both left and right handed. I'll also be reading alot. I also figured that I can use this time to clean up my shop and the pics on my computer.

Anywho...that's what has been going on around here. What's going on at your house?

Saturday, February 27, 2010

February YOE ornament rcvd.


This is the wonderful package I received from Ramie for the February ornament swap over at the YOE group. I was spoiled!


This month's theme was fairies. Isn't she sweet? I love the acorn top for a hat.


Each month we are also given a challenge. This month's challenge was to use glitter on our ornaments. I love the way Ramie decided to add glitter to her fairy. Glitter undies lol!!!


Another embroidery pack to add to my collection.


Robbie and I love to receive post cards from different states. These are from Washington.


Some fun beads and dragonflies. Dragonflies and butterflies are my favorites. I've also found myself being drawn to pink flamingos lately too. 


Chocolate covered licorice...Yummy!! It tastes like chocolate covered cherries. Delicious little snack :)


Ramie read on my blog about the birthday club I am part of. So, she made a birthday block for me. Isn't she a sweetie? She says she isn't a very good quilter but this block looks perfect to me :)
Thanks for everything Ramie!! It's wonderful.

I'll post what I made for Ramie after she receives it. We will have to wait for her to post some pics though. I was so busy packing the box that I forgot to take pics of some of the items.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

A hat and a quilt


I've had a few more orders for Viking Hats. Here is a toddler size in the original colors.

I also quilted the mini I spy quilt. It's just a bit over 30" square. Just a little something for the little kiddos to play with.


The house fabric is the one that Suzi was going nuts over. I think it's cute and works well with this little quilt. I also used it for the binding.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sunday Best Schnibble


I ended up using the original design for Sunday Best Schnibble top. Robbie actually decided which colors went where. I think he did a pretty darn good job!


The pattern called for thinner strips around all four sides but I kinda like it this way. I put these 2 sides on and the quilt screamed "STOP". So, I stopped and I love it this way. 
Now to decide on the back. Do you always match your backing fabric to the front or do you sometimes make the back completely different from the front?

Monday, February 15, 2010

Sunday sewing


I was able to get alot of sewing done this weekend. I have to work every other weekend so I really look forward to having two days off in a row. The other weeks I just have a day off here and there but not together.
The above pic is 2 house blocks (stacked on top of each other) that are going to Victoria over at Bumble Beans. She is gathering non-wonky  house blocks (10.5") for a charity quilting project she is doing.


This is my row for the Round Robin that Barb is hosting. I've decided to do something in the line of a rainbow colored quilt. The blocks will be a free for all. I'm just asking that the rows have only white and one other color with no rows repeating the same color. Since purple is my favorite color I chose that for my row. I'm planning on bordering it all with black.


I was also able to work on February's Schnibble "Sunday Best". I'm still playing around with the layout. I don't think this one will win but at least I have the 16 squares done. 
I did accomplish a few other things too but no pictures. 

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day


Happy Valentine's Day to everyone!!
This isn't a holiday we really celebrate here at the LaLone home. We give gifts and lovin' all year round, so a special day doesn't fit us really. I do go out and get the kids some chocolate and candy of course.

Yesterday I worked on a mini  I Spy quilt. When it came time to cut the backing I had some help though...


Suzi decided she needed to check out my choice of backing fabric.


She rubbed her face all over it lol


Rolled around in it...


and just had some good ole fun with it.


This is some of the fabric I received from the neighbor. She uses some fragrant fabric softener. I'm guessing that the new smell drove her a bit nuts.
Every time I had the quilt anywhere, Suzi was right there to sniff it.  This was a good source of entertainment for my family Saturday night lol. It doesn't take much to amuse us :)

This was a bit extreme for Suzi but not too unusual. Every time I bring fabric (or yarn) into the house, she has to sniff it and try to lay on it. She's just a fabric-holic I guess. At least she is in the right house.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

BBQ anyone?


My neighbor is always working on some kind of project. Last year he made a traveling concession stand. He started with the frame work and wheels of a trailer and proceeded to build what is basically a portable bar. I wish I had taken a picture because it came out really cool. Last month he took one of those big ole metal drums and turned it into a cooker (smoker) and mounted it on a trailer. Him and his wife go to different functions around Florida and sell food and drinks. The kids love it because they get to taste test all the new creations! This week was fried Twinkies. Yum!
This past Wednesday was my day off. When I came home from shopping, my sweet dear Hubby informs me that he has volunteered me to make our neighbor Rod an apron for when he does his weekend cooking. OK now. I do enjoy making things for people and I like Rod and his wife Angel. They are good people but I had planned on spending the rest of my day off working on a quilt project though. Instead, I got to design and make an apron.

I couldn't use a standard pattern since Rod is a large man. He is over 6 feet tall and a little round around the middle. I had to make myself a newspaper template. I also figured out the measurements by measuring my Hubby since he is about the same height as Rod. Hubby told me Rod wanted a specific phrase on the apron.... "The Fat Guy's Cookin'".

Since Rod is going to be smokin' hogs and grilling all kinds of meats I decided that a denim apron would be the best material to use. I like red against denim (and it was already on my cutting table lol) so I used that for the letters and ties.

I just did a straight line of stitching around the letters. They are just too small to do a satin stitch (at least for me). I've washed the apron once and the letters have frayed just a bit. 

I also added a pocket 'cuz if you are going to wear an apron, you need a pocket. I like the red trim along the top of the pocket.

Hubby delivered the apron to Angel this Friday morning. She loved it She said it was just what Rod wanted. Rod was surprised that I knew exactly what he wanted without actually talking to him. lol  It's just how we crafters are I guess.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

New Banner


I made a new banner for my ArtFire and Etsy shops.  I made it all by myself using Picnik.  Granted they did all the technical stuff but I still had to figure out how to get the banner the right size and get the words right. I usually have my daughter to all the technical stuff but she has been busy doing her own thing lately. She did give me some pointers on how to make banners using Gimp but Picnik was very easy to figure out. 

Now I can also make collages for my blog


Play with photos of the kids


or anything else I can think of.  Another way to get lost on the computer lol. Need to get back to sewing :)
Have a great day eveyone!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

January Enchanted Ornament Swap

Val has a Year Of Enchantment Swap going on over at her swap blog. I was lucky enough to be able to join in. Each month Val chooses a theme for our monthly ornament. There is also a couple challenges for us to try each month.

January's theme was pinecones and acorns. This is what I sent my swap partner Sandy:


A ribbon pinecone ornament...

A pack of fairy buttons, some magnets, a wrist bag and a wooden sled ornament.

                                                                Sandy sent me:


This adorable little pinecone ornament. Isn't she sweet?

Some Sour Patch Kids, chocolates, hot cocoa, and some embroidery patterns and floss. I love these Aunt Martha embroidery designs.  You just iron them on and away you go. You can re-iron them a few times. If anyone is my future swap partner, I wouldn't mind receiving a few more of these patterns..hint...hint lol.  They have some cute ones to embroider on hand towels or baby items too. Cute, cute, cute!

February's theme is Fairies. I have already made my fairy but can't post any pics yet since it isn't a secret swap. I just need to work on my extra little tuck in. My partner this month is Ruhammie.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

More blocks


Block 1

Block 2
These are the first two blocks for the Charm a-long over at the Patchwork Posse. These fabrics are from a charm bundle I picked up at Walmart last month. They come in a bundle of 170 5" squares for either $12 or $14 (I don't remember which). I like the feel of the fabric and the price so of course I picked up a few different kinds so far. These bundles will be great for the Schnibble quilts too.


This is the sample of what we are making together.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Inchworm Fabric sale

Jennifer over at Inchworm Fabrics is having a great sale!!  She is offering a 22% discount until February 15th. 

The Big Bloomer pattern would be nice for Valentine's Day or anytime of the year.

She's also having a give-away too over at her blog. While you're there wish her a belated Birthday too. Her birthday was yesterday the 7th.

Magazine winner

I let Robbie pick the winner of the magazine. He chose lucky Di from over at Quilting is Blissful! Congrats DI.

Knit 1, Purl 2...

I've been knitting baby hats this month. Baby hats are so cute and soft! I actually have two more almost finished that aren't in this picture. Once I finish the last bits, they will be going to a good home since we don't have any little ones here.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Yesterday's finishes


This is the rocket from the One Yard Wonders book.

It is a belated birthday present for my nephew Bryant. Happy Birthday Bryant!!

It was a quick and easy project. I only had to struggle a little bit. You stuff the fins (legs) and then sew them into the seams. Then you add the circle base. So you have these 3 stuffed legs smooshed inside and you're trying to sew a nice even circle. Didn't happen but it still came out nice. I don't know much use the pocket will be because I stuffed it real firm :)

I picked up the fabric at Walmart. It seems the people of Walmart heard the quilter's complaints and brought some fabric back. It is all pre-cuts but that is fine with me. This happened to be a 2 yard cut. They have all kinds of colors available. There is also layer cakes, charm squares, jelly rolls, and project kits. The prices aren't too bad and the quality feels OK. Will have to see after a few projects get washed a couple times.


I also finished off this table topper. It is part of the String Along challenge.  It's my first project of many I hope. I need to get these scraps under control.

I have this on our living room table. Since it is so colorful and scrappy, I'm hoping the kids and Hubby don't worry about "messing it up" like they have with the others. I keep telling them not to worry, I'll just make another one if one gets ruined. I know better than to put anything to fancy on the table. We use this table to eat dinner on (it lifts up--way cool in my opinion) since we turned our dining room into our daughter's bedroom.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

February birthday blocks


Here are a couple of the blocks I made for the February girls. Still have a couple more to make.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Birthday blocks

In one of my online groups I participated in a birthday block swap.


You chose a block size...


a block design...


and block colors.


Then, the 20 members make you a block based on your choices.


and mail it to you around your birthday.


Since my birthday is Saturday (7th)...


I have been receiving my blocks and cards :)


The block I chose...


(in case you couldn't guess) is the Wonky Log Cabin with a white center block and any color they chose for the logs.

I've been receiving blocks each day for about a week now. Very exciting!! I was going to border them in black but now that they are here I'm not so sure I want to use black. Any suggestions?