Saturday, February 13, 2010

BBQ anyone?


My neighbor is always working on some kind of project. Last year he made a traveling concession stand. He started with the frame work and wheels of a trailer and proceeded to build what is basically a portable bar. I wish I had taken a picture because it came out really cool. Last month he took one of those big ole metal drums and turned it into a cooker (smoker) and mounted it on a trailer. Him and his wife go to different functions around Florida and sell food and drinks. The kids love it because they get to taste test all the new creations! This week was fried Twinkies. Yum!
This past Wednesday was my day off. When I came home from shopping, my sweet dear Hubby informs me that he has volunteered me to make our neighbor Rod an apron for when he does his weekend cooking. OK now. I do enjoy making things for people and I like Rod and his wife Angel. They are good people but I had planned on spending the rest of my day off working on a quilt project though. Instead, I got to design and make an apron.

I couldn't use a standard pattern since Rod is a large man. He is over 6 feet tall and a little round around the middle. I had to make myself a newspaper template. I also figured out the measurements by measuring my Hubby since he is about the same height as Rod. Hubby told me Rod wanted a specific phrase on the apron.... "The Fat Guy's Cookin'".

Since Rod is going to be smokin' hogs and grilling all kinds of meats I decided that a denim apron would be the best material to use. I like red against denim (and it was already on my cutting table lol) so I used that for the letters and ties.

I just did a straight line of stitching around the letters. They are just too small to do a satin stitch (at least for me). I've washed the apron once and the letters have frayed just a bit. 

I also added a pocket 'cuz if you are going to wear an apron, you need a pocket. I like the red trim along the top of the pocket.

Hubby delivered the apron to Angel this Friday morning. She loved it She said it was just what Rod wanted. Rod was surprised that I knew exactly what he wanted without actually talking to him. lol  It's just how we crafters are I guess.



You are such a good neighbor--may be you will get a free "bite" now and then from him!!!
Hugs, Di