Friday, June 24, 2011

Directions? Who needs directions?

When Mandy left for the Army I put her old roll top desk out to the curb. It was picked up quickly like most things I put out to the road. Since we live on a main road I don't have to worry about things going to the dump, they always seem to find a new home. Now that she is back home she decided she needed a new desk. We found a reasonable priced desk at Walmart. This box seemed to have a few "extra" pieces though. In the bottom left corner (by the dirty laundry lol) you can see part of some triangle wood pieces. This desk doesn't have any triangle areas so I don't know why they are there.

Mandy did follow the pictures for the most part but I think she winged it a bit here and there too. I think we all do that even with our quilting. I know I do and then I end up using the seam ripper again.

Here is Mandy's finished desk. I think she did a great job! This is where she spends lots of time working on the computer and drawing. I'll post some of her drawings later. She has turned an old childhood hobby into something nice.