Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Shark Mitts

Another project I finished up this past weekend...

These were from an old Coats & Clark pamphlet I found among a bunch of pamphlets I won off Ebay awhile ago. These were the only things that interested me. The rest were very outdated items. These were very easy since they are knit on two single point needles! They consist of knit-purl-increase-decrease stitches. The teeth are French knots. It couldn't have been simpler! The one in the pattern had button eyes... I upgraded to my trusty wiggle eyes. Much easier!


Barb B said...

I love the shark mitts. My grandson will love them with the snake scarf. Is there a pattern for the mitts anywhere?

Robin said...

The booklet is titled GIFT BAZAAR Coats & Clark's Book No. 256.

It has a picture of three embroidered pin cushions on the front. There are also two stuffed "frumples" on the front. They are knit rectangles with button eyes and yarn hair. They are stuffed to resemble some type of imaginary looking creatures. The back has three plant hangers and some gardening gloves.