Saturday, January 27, 2007


My 7 yo son has been studying Pioneers lately. His class project for this was to make a dwelling. He was chosen to make a teepee. We used to have a "leather" chair that was handed down to us. We had no need for it and no one else wanted it went out to the curb. Being a craft supply horder~~~~~I cut the leather off the chair and saved it for a later project. My family laughs at me and calls me a packrat (inhereted that gene from Grandma) but it came in handy for this project! I turned the "leather" inside out cuz it had just the right color and texture for a teepee. I hot glued skewers for the poles and my son decorated the outside. We used a global priority box as the foundation and used a spray glue to hold down the grass. Then we just hot glued a few Indians on. It went over very well with the class. YEA!!!!