Thursday, May 10, 2007

JonJons and A-line dress and bibs OH MY!!!!

My sewing machine has been humming this week! I made two A-line dresses. One for little Maria (boss ladies Granddaughter) and for Rose (bro-in-laws GD). They were very easy and came out better than I would have thought. I also made another JonJon for Jakie and also one for our Great-nephew Adrian. they all were from the Martha Pullen's Applique book. What a great book! Then I made more bibs and also some headbands. I need to get the wider elastic before I make anymore headbands. I also made a couple more diaper/ wipe travel pouches. these should come in very handy for the new Mom's. Jakie's stuff went out in the mail already....everyone else will have to wait another week. I still have a few more things to make before I can send out the packages.