Sunday, June 17, 2007


My granddaughter Mariah has a b-day (9th) coming up in July. I decided a unicorn would be nice for her. This is from Annie's Attic Door stoppers booklet. I added some gingham pink ribbon around the arms and legs and horn. I used the same ribbon to tie bows in her mane and tail. Under the mane, I stitched a felt heart with her born on date (remember the Cabbage Patch dolls) with a heart and "Grammy". This way she will always remember who made it for her and when she received it. The actual unicorn was easy....the mane and tail was a pain. I have never been too thrilled to make fringe....I think this guy used more "fringe" yarn than yarn to actually crochet the actual unicorn! I even cut back on the amount they called for!

Still she came out cute and I'm sure Mariah will fall in love with her new friend.


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Now I know I am not the only person who feel it's difficult to deal with the hair. But it's worth trying if it turn out cute.