Thursday, February 21, 2008

knit caterpillar scarf pattern

I loved the colors of this yarn and instantly thought of a caterpillar scarf!


1 skein each of of Lion Boucle (2.5 ounce/70 gram) in lime, tangerine, and blueberry
1 pair of size 11 (8mm) knitting needles
tapestry needle to weave in ends
2 wiggle eyes or buttons

With blueberry:

cast on 6 stitches

Knit into the front and back of first stitch (increase made). Knit across.

Increase in the first stitch of each row until you have 16 stitches on your needle.

Knit across for 12 rows

Knit first two stitches together (decrease made). Knit across.

Continue decreasing in the first two stitches until you have 6 stitches on your needle again.

Cut blueberry

First segment done

With tangerine:

Repeat as for first segment

Cut tangerine

With lime repeat first segment

Repeat first segment and change colors after each segment until desired length. My caterpillar scarf has 9 segments and measures 7 inches wide and 66 inches long.

I attached large wiggle eyes with fabri-tac glue. You could also use pom-poms or buttons for the eyes.


Wormie said...

Oh my gosh, that is so adorable!
Love it!!!