Sunday, February 6, 2011

In Search Of...

My Niece in Tennessee has requested a new quilt. Her and her Hubby are looking to buy their first house and would like a new quilt. They even picked out the colors and design. Pretty good for a young couple. They are about the same age as our oldest.

Stacey saw this one from JCPenney. I think she picked out a gorgeous quilt. We were discussing how much longer a handmade quilt lasts compared to the store bought ones lately. I'm sure it all depends on how much you spend but ours always seem to fall apart or loose the softness of their batting.

OK now for the part where I need help. From what I can see it looks like the center of the quilt is a section of a wedding ring design. Then some triangles and squares, borders, etc. Has anyone seen anything similar to this? I can wing it and that is not the problem. It's how much fabric to buy. It's times like this that I wish I had EQ7.

The other big part is fabric selection. While I love these colors, they are not normally something I buy. Does anyone know of a line that has these kinds of soft colors? I'm guessing they are country?

Thanks everyone!


Barb said...

This is lovely....and I am sorry, I don't know how to help you...I don't even have an EQ7 or I would get on there and figure some of this out for you. Will be looking forward to seeing the process of you making this.

Sherry said...

How about if you can go look at where the quilt is from so you can really see the center. I know your going to do a great job can't wait to see what your going to do.

SewCalGal said...

This will be beautiful. I am not familiar with any current line of fabrics in soft blue, as shown, but that doesn't mean that they don't exist. Two friends recently bought fabric to make somewhat of a similar quilt, with a bit deeper blue. I think they bought every fabric in the line. I'll see if I can find out the line and, if possible, get you some photos you can share with your niece.


The Quilting Pirate said...

TN? I'm in TN :) Small world sometimes!

I wonder if you can find a better picture on the Penney's website of the quilt?

I think you have the right concept, but I can't say I've seen this design.

Fabric lines to look at: (might be a bit dark)

I guess you have to go out and shop now :)

mlaiuppa said...

For fabric, try Keepsake Quilting. They're online.

For the math, I always rely on my "Taking the Math out of Mking Patchwork Quilts" book. It's my quilting bible. Yes, you do have to do the figuring a bit by hand. I find it priceless, especially for figuring out backing.