Monday, April 23, 2012

Baby quilt top

I've been slowly working on putting all my loose blocks together. These blocks are from when I was part of the 3X6 Bee swap over on flickr.  They all worked well together so I turned them into a baby quilt top. Next step is to get it pinned and quilted. Hopefully that will happen this month.

The fence is my neighbor's and I have tried hanging quilts up there before to take pictures but I never had any clips strong enough or that opened wide enough to hold the quilts. Last month Hubby and I were wandering around Target and I happen to see these fun clips hanging by the beach towels.

The fishies are meant to clip your towel to your beach chair so it doesn't blow away. They have a very strong spring in them and they open wide enough to clip over the thick boards on the fence. They had flamingos too but for some reason they were almost 3 dollars more. Since I bought 3 packs I wasn't willing to spend the extra money. They came two to a pack.


Jackie said...

I was so busy looking at the cute quilt that I didn't even notice the clips. They're cute too!