Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A bit of yarn shopping

 I've been doing a little bit of yarn shopping this week.

I've received a few orders this month so I needed to stock up on some colors.

I also finished this Beachcomber's Cowl in Sage green and black. This went out to friend in Texas who has been having some very cold weather lately and needed something to keep out the cold wind.

Miss Mocha has decided that it is toasty warm under Momma's quilt. Sometimes it is a bit too warm and she pokes her head or paw out.

Miss Whiskers just wonders when am I going to start sewing again? She loves to help me with my fabric scraps. Soon Whiskers, soon.


Gene Black said...

ooh I love that Bernat multi color variegated yarn. I sorted my yarn stash today and I have more than I realized.


I love the cowl you made--the color is soo pretty--great job!!!
and there is some pretty yarn there and what I really see happening with those 2 cute fur balls is--'wonder how soon 'we' can get a hold of one of those new balls of yarn'??????
hugs, di and miss gracie