Friday, June 27, 2014

Learning something new

I try to either learn new things or learn new ways to do every day things regularly. This week I decided to teach myself how to do entrelec knitting.

I'm using this pattern that also has a video to help explain things. After I got past the first couple tiers things started to go smoothly. It's pretty easy but there is alot of turning. You can see that there is 3 sections on my needles and each section has 8 stitches. You work back and forth on those 8 stitches for a few rows and then move on to the next section. Like I said, lots of turning. There is a way to avoid all that turning and it's called knitting backwards. Something else new for me to learn. Not sure what this yarn is because I found it in the clearance bin at Michael's and it didn't have a labelbut I am having fun watching the colors change.

I also need to learn how to use this tablet a bit better. My laptop bit the dust a few months ago so when  Verizon had a Mother's Day special that if you upgraded your phone (or added a new phone) you could get a tablet for free, of course I couldn't turn down that offer. Now that I am using the tablet to take pictures I need to figure out how to take better pictures and how to edit them. We never stop learning.