Sunday, February 12, 2017

A new hobby?

I love watching videos and podcasts over on YouTube. YouTube likes to make suggestions based on things you've watched previously or things you've searched for recently. I've been getting a lot of suggests for weaving. I've always had a love of weaving ever since I saw a weaving loom demonstration back in elementary school. It was one of those giant floor looms that the pioneers used to make rugs.

YouTube suggested hula hoop looming. I don't have a hula hoop and I don't plan on buying one but I do have a beautiful handmade (not by me) wooden loom meant for loom knitting hats. I purchased this from a Yahoo group that I was in years ago but I never did use it. 

I wanted to see if it would work like a wagon wheel or hula hoop loom. I cut up some old t-shirts and gave it a try. I knew one of the warnings was do not pull the long strips of t-shirt too tight in the center because it would cause the center to bow out and form a bowl. Unless you want a bowl of course.

Yep, I pulled too tight. lol

I didn't bother finishing off the warp pieces because I wasn't planning on keeping this. It was only to see if I liked the feel of this type of weaving.

It's not bad but I feel that for this loom the white t-shirt warp pieces should be thinner. Maybe just a strip and not an actual loop. Also, this style of weaving is great for a coaster but it isn't a rug. My next experiment will be braiding a rug. I love a huge oval braided rug. I also want to try twining a rug but that will have to wait until I can either make or purchase a loom.

Have you ever made a rug?



Cute first efforts--at least you tried doing it on what you had--good for you!!
I think sitting at a big loom would be fun--but I bet it is 'murder' on your shoulders and arms and neck--
good to hear from you--
enjoy the moments, di