Sunday, July 23, 2017

It's a banner day!

I keep seeing fabric banners on Instagram and thought I would try making some. They were actually pretty easy and fun to make. Every time I see the above picture I always see a mouth full of teeth lol.

I made a little template to make pressing the triangles easy and even from a file folder. I like crisp edges so that you don't see the other fabric peeking around the edge.  One side has pink and the other is green.

I've moved my craft supplies around the house several times in the past and I couldn't find my bias tape makers so I had to make it the old fashioned way. Other than that these go together quickly.

This set would fun for a baby shower or to hang in a baby's room. Both fabrics have letters scattered all over. The triangles are about 3" across and 6" tall. 

They were fun to make and I want to make more but other than Halloween and Christmas fabric I'm not sure I have enough coordinating fabrics in my stash to make a cohesive banner. Might be a good reason to go shopping? I wish. I'm trying to use up what I have before I bring more fabric into the craft room. 



I keep seeing banners to and have thought of making some--
but not sure where I would hang them--
humm--will have to think on the matter some more!!!
enjoy the moments, di