Tuesday, January 9, 2018

But wait...there's more TTMT #25 01-09-2018

Last week I made my daughter her Momma made hoodie.  I knew I would not have it in my hands for filming this week so I made a quick little video before she picked up her new hoodie. As soon as it was finished she was stopping by because she couldn’t wait. Then I forgot about the video lol. I was planning on adding it to the end of my “live” weekly video but I didn’t remember until I had already edited and uploaded my TTMT video. So this week I have a “bonus” video.

                                                           My weekly TTMT video:

All about Mandy's hoodie:


Barb said...

I am so amazed with your hoodie, I would never attempt that. YOu have such a vast range in your creativity....and knowledge.