Monday, June 23, 2008

EFA quilt square

The Etsy For Animal street team is putting together a quilt for one of their fund raisers. Each member was to make a square of their choice within the guidelines established. I am not a member of this team, but Jcollander is. She asked me to make her square for her. It sounded like fun, and I had the time, so........

Here is what I came up with:

She asked for bold colors and I just happen to have the perfect colors! I asked which animal she wanted on the front thinking I could just do an appliqué. When she told me she liked geckos, I knew I had the perfect fabric for that! The gecko fabric is from a thrift store find. I wish I knew where to find more of that. The bright orange and green were in my stash. I'm supposed to be making pillowcases for Justin with it. I think they worked together wonderfully!

One of the requirements was to include the teams initials. With the fabric I chose, I knew I didn't want the letters to be super huge. I hand appliquéd three geckos to the fabric and then hand embroidered the letters on.

Also, you were supposed to put your store name on the border. The person who was in charge of this graciously allowed me to have my shop on the square also! I hand stitched both our shops in a blue that closely resembled the blues in the main square. I like how it gives it a rustic impression. Most times I prefer to free hand my words. I know I could get all anal and print out the words and get everything all lined up all nice and pretty...but I like it this way :)

The back is supposed to be plain. I wanted something that would POP. I wanted "our" square to stand out on the front and the back.

It needs a good pressing and then it will go in the mail.

This is the first time I did any kind of sashing/border around a square. Of course I did it "wrong", but on the next square I will know the "right" way to do it. Hubby was on the computer and I didn't want to bother him by asking to search for a tutorial on how to sew on a sashing. Plus, once I start searching I have a tendency to get sidetracked by all the pretty pictures and never finish the project! I also "cheated" by doing a simple square for the quilting. I think that this allows the design on the front to stay "crisp".

I forgot how much I love to quilt!