Sunday, July 20, 2008

On a hot summer day

Why cool off the "normal" way, when you can get hosed down by the local fire department?

The fire department stopped by so Susanna's kids could have a little distraction from all the people that have been at their house. Little Samuel (4) wouldn't go near the hose, but he had a great time hitting the sirens and lights. His sisters (20 months, 5 months) are too small to play in the water too. My son Robbie (9) had no problem running through the house though :)

Robbie is doing much better now that he has gone over to see everyone a couple times now. Susanna lets him come over to play with Samuel in between the large groups of people that have been stopping by to pay their respects. He went through his collections to see what kind of gift he could give everyone. He gave Susanna a pin that is a bow with a bunch of clear jewels all over it. It is his favorite pin that he picked up from a thrift store. He also gave the kids a little bear, and two action figures to play with. He is such a sweet and caring little guy.

Andy's friends also stopped by tonight to plant a tree in his honor in the back yard. It will be a nice place for the kids to remember their Daddy.....