Monday, July 21, 2008

Quilt tops

These are the quilt tops I made for Andy's children. I was torn between putting a picture of Andy on the back inside a heart, but decided against it. We talked as a family and thought it might be better to leave it blank not knowing how Susanna would feel about it. Then when I give it to them, I will let Susanna know that I can add a picture and whatever she would like on the back later.


Faith said...

oh these are really pretty and sweet Ive got a few cot quilts to do for my great nieces and nephews its just finding the time as Im working on so many projects.

Robin said...

Thanks Faith :)

Getting the quilt tops done is the easy part. Actually finishing them is another story. These three are almost finished, they are backed and just waiting for the little embellishments to be added. Then to work on Mommas. A deadline definitely gets me motivated :)