Thursday, November 27, 2008

Boggle Me Thursday

  1. toll
  2. hilt
  3. hail
  4. fat
  5. till
  6. hill
  7. war
  8. raw
  9. law
  10. tar
  11. far
  12. lot
  13. ail
  14. air
  15. waft
  16. rat
  17. lit

Alright, and now for a sentence (or two).......

The fat sergeant said I would have to pay a toll if I wanted to go up the hill. That little rat, how am I supposed to win the war if I have to pay? If it wasn't so far, I would go and get the law! That lot should be covered in tar and feathers! All hail Robin!!!


smarmoofus said...

Oh my gosh... how does that happen every time? I look and look and look... then I go back and look again. And then I come to find out your fourth word is one I did NOT see. I got AFT, but not FAT. *giggle* I love this game!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Robin said...

It's funny how we can find the "hard" words, but the easy every day ones sometimes slip right by us :)

MommyWizdom said...

He-heee... I loved your story... very funny!
And for the record, I NEVER saw FAT or LAW. :-)

(nice link *wink*)

Thanks for playing... and Happy Thanksgiving!!

Robin said...


Thanks :)

Gobble Gobble everyone :)