Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Another taste test

Kid Essentials had a great promotion going on recently. When you signed up you received a coupon for a free package of Kid Essentials. We let Robbie test it out. He said it was DELICIOUS!! He has been drinking one a day since they came in. He said they are nice and creamy and don't taste like powdered yuck. If he drinks it.. it must taste pretty good. He can be a bit finicky sometimes. I always worry that he isn't getting enough nourishment with his eating habits. Sometimes he eats great, other times he goes without eating much of anything. If he can't find something good to eat, he skips eating sometimes. Now, with one of these a day he just might make it :)


ladylinoleum said...

Kids are rough when it comes to foodstuffs. When you find something they like, stock up!