Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Go and I have been scrappin'

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I was fidgety the other day. I wanted to play in the sewing room but I didn't really feel like working on any of the projects I had going. So I decided to play with the Go a bit. I have plenty of bits and pieces of fabric that need to be cut into usable sizes. When I first started sewing clothes and bags (this was before I fell in love with quilting)  I saved all the odd shapes that were left after cutting out patterns. Instead of being organized (because I'm not) I just tossed all the scraps in these tubs.

I have these storage tubs that are full of fabric. The one on the left has fat quarters and yardage with a small container of scraps. The other 3....scraps big and small plus some yardage that is of questionable quality/content. The questionable fabrics were given to me.

I love my sneakers :) The laces are pink and the soles are also pink. They are Ecko and come above the ankle.

This cabinet has my recent purchases. Lots of yardage. The top shelf has my Samoan fabric and the bottom shelf has what is left of my I spy fabrics. This cabinet is OK and doesn't need much cleaning just organizing.

This rolling cart has fat quarters and bits and pieces too.

I cut some 2.5" strips with the Go. This strip die is alot easier to use than I expected. I was worried I wouldn't lay the fabric right or the strips would come out crooked or uneven. I had no troubles and all the strips came out fine. Question for you...other than jelly rolls or honey buns, how do you store your strips? For now I guess I will buy one of those shoe box plastic tubs and keep them in there.

I cut a bunch of triangles also. I really want to make one of those 1000 triangle quilts. The Go cutter will make it alot easier.

Then I cut up a bunch of HST. These dies are very easy to use. You just lay your bits of scrap down on the die and roll away. I did have some waste but I didn't mind. I had some odd shapes of fabric to start with. If I didn't use the Go to cut these HST and triangles I would have probably tossed the scraps instead of having to deal with them.


Maria said...

OMGodness Robin I was blown away by your stash. My whole stash is only about four plastic tubs. Looks like your GO will help you cut heaps of the fabric for fun projects.

Tangos Treasures said...

Nice to get some of those scraps cut to use!!

Zlaty said...

Have fun with your Go! :) you can always use the HST!

Barb said...

You are one busy gal and well...your sewing room or stash is amazing...

SewCalGal said...

The GO! is a great stash buster. Really makes it easy to cut scraps. I so want to get that HST die that you have. Definitely could help me turn my scraps into cute quilts. Can't wait to see what you create with yours.