Sunday, October 10, 2010

Laptop Sleeve # 2

 This laptop sleeve is for Robbie. I bought these flame fat quarters at Walmart a couple months ago and thought they would be fun for a boy.

I used my Go and 2.5" strip die to cut my fat quarters. Before I bought my Go I would cut my strips with my rotary cutter. I never could get the hang of properly folding the fabric so I always had the dreaded V in the center of my strips. No Vs this time. I love this die :)

This time I just went with my own simple design. The top flap closes with one center piece of velcro for the impatient child.

I used a fun fabric for the inside. Last year I bought a bunch of panels of this fabric on Ebay. They are meant to be used as a costume/vest but I love the vampires and don't plan on using it as intended. Eventually it might end up in a wall hanging or quilt or both since I have a few panels. Now to figure out which fabric to use for Hubby's laptop sleeve.

The front of this laptop sleeve is quilted. I thought I would show you what I use to trim up these types of quilted pieces.

The first time I trimmed a piece with batting I used my regular rotary cutter and mat. Since I lay the piece batting side down, when I cut all the batting fibers get stuck in the groove on the mat caused by the rotary cutter. The batting bits are hard to clean off the mat and I also think it wears out the mat quicker. So to make my mat last longer I use an old mat when I have to trim or cut batting. If you click the picture you can see where there are strips of white batting stuck in the mat.

If you click on the picture you will also see that my rotary cutter says paper on it. When JoAnn's had a 50%  off sale on rotary cutters I went and bought another cutter and some new blades. I have two identical cutters now. One I use for cutting fabric and the other is for cutting batting and paper. Hopefully this will extend the life of my cutter and mat.


Jackie said...

This is a great laptop sleeve for a boy!! Perfect fabrics!


You sure can find "hot" colored fun fabric--way to go gal!!!
it is looking good--and I have to keep my cutters different too!!!
Hugs, Di

Barb said...

Oh fun!!! I never made mine...I am bad!

Katie :o) said...

Love the flames!