Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Just One Star or two

Moda put a call out for some help last month. They are trying to make 100 quilts in a 100 days for Quilts of Valor.  I made these two stars last month and sent them in. They are collecting stars until May 1st so if you haven't heard about this project and wish to donate you still have a little bit of time left to make a block or two. They actually go together really fast. I didn't trim my blocks because Moda asked us not too. They will trim the blocks when they arrive. A good idea actually. That way all the blocks will be the same size and they won't have to "fudge" any blocks when they are putting them together.

I was very surprised when I received a package from Moda last week. I couldn't remember winning anything recently so I couldn't wait to open it up. Inside I found this mini charm pack and a thank you note from Moda for sending in two stars. Completely unnecessary but greatly appreciated. I'll probably make a table runner or tote bag with these little squares.

In the past I have scoured the web looking for organizations that took donations for wounded soldiers. I found many sites where people were collecting quilts. The guidelines were very strict and I wasn't sure if I would be able to make many complete quilts so I kept looking. Then I came across the HeartStrings Quilt Project blog. This group collects quilts but also they accept string blocks. Their guidelines are very easy to follow so this is the group I have decided to work with.  I already have 36 blocks for their heart strings project. Next I will be working on string blocks for the QOV group.


Toni said...

Robin, you rock. I love seeing folks doing charity work! I have stars for this Moda event as well, just need to pop them into the mail - what a nice surprise you received!

I have to look into the Heart Strings project, because I have a lot of scraps to use up!

Stray Stitches said...

I think Moda's idea for 100 quilts in 100 days for Quilts of Valor was a fantastic idea. I hope they get enough stars to make even more. I, too, sent in two stars last month. Such a worthy cause.

SewCalGal said...

hmm. I tried leaving a message, but not sure if it took. My cold is definitely fogging up my brain today.