Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The List....the very, very long list

I had already decided that this year would be the year I finish up all of my UFOs from previous years (it's an ambitious goal but you know what they say...go big or go home) when I came across a fun blog .  . Sew It's Finished is a blog where a bunch of bloggers have gotten together to motivate each other to finish UFOs from previous years and cheer when someone finishes a project.

I went through some of my old UFOs and grabbed some pics so I could list them here for accountability. I skipped all the little things like the HSTs that are sewn but not ironed or trimmed and all the coins I cut for some coin quilts.

It's been rainy and dreary today so the pics aren't the greatest.

In no particular order...

1. blocks in  a baggie

2. This is a very large pile of blocks from swaps that I joined over the last couple years.  They need to become quilts, table toppers, or tote bags.

3. my string blocks with black centers

 4.  tufted tweets quilt. Needs borders sewn together.

5. snowmen wall hangings

 6. Bonnie Hunter workshop quilt

7. Valentine's quilt

8. brown kite. Just needs the binding sewn to the back and the tail added.

9. Pastel and white. I didn't make this flimsie, it came to me in a box of scraps.

10. Tropical

11. snowflake runner

12. Central Park goes grey

13. red, white, and blue stars

14. large star. Just needs binding

15. crazy pinwheels

 16. green

17. stockings

18. September calendar quilt

19. Thimbleberries apple cores

20. Christmas strings

21. Halloween swap quilt

22. pink and grey thrifty top

23. I spy a circle quilt

24. Christmas zig zag

25. doll quilts

26. brown and purple

27. black 4 square

28. I have no name for this because the list is getting too long for me to be creative lol

29. ME stripes

30. 2 Boo table toppers

31. Samoan stars.

32. embroidery blocks

33. Birdie blocks. I still a few more to make

34.  USA quilt needs binding

35. World quilt needs binding

36. flannel #1

37. flannel #2 ( don't ya just love my creativity?)

38. owl quilt

39. dinosaur quilt

40. grey and green pinwheels plus

41. boy 9 patch

42. Oh! Cherry-Oh coin quilt

43. girl 9 patch

44. owl 9 patch

45. Christmas 9 patch

46.  Birthday wonky log cabins

 Oh boy is that a long list!


Tangos Treasures said...

Yikes!! Seems you haz a problem with finishing??!!! LOL

luv2quilt2 said...

I wish you all the best tackling this list! Wow!

Janet said...

Thank you for making me feel so much better!!!! You have more UFO's than I do. lol

JustCindy said...

You are going to be so busy this year. If I had that many UFOs, I would not know where to start.

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

Oh my, you have my support!! I am going to enjoy watching you this year. I love so many of the quilts you have shown but may I ask? having a grandson who loves dinosaurs did you cut those or buy them, or use a die? I love it!!

Cathy (aka CrafteeCC) said...

WOW! good luck with your finishes ;-)

Martha said...

At the risk of sounding like a "scrooge", may I make a suggestion. I counted 46 projects...there are only 52 weeks in a year and we are already on week 2...could you be asking a little too much of yourself and setting up for failure? I know I would be getting depressed and then I wouldn't do it. Perhaps if you picked out your top favorites and set a date to finish each one and then if you have any more time pick out your next favorite. Plus since you are obviously such a creative person you are going to want to start new projects. My word for the year is "RELAX" so I am picking out my favorite projects and finishing them one at a time. Sorry if I sounded like a downer...I wish you all th luck and I will be rooting for you.

Whosies said...

robin- i recognize a few of these! the owl swap {i have on too} the christmas swap, the large star, the table runner-- they are all on my list too! lol
i think we have tied on the number- i keep finding things. let's get going!

strandkorbtraum said...

If you have trouble deciding what to finish first - I would love to see the tropical it's so "spring-ish" and colourful, a great sight these gray winter days.

Barb said...

Oh my gosh, you make me look good....well...maybe I will make you look good. Wonderful it is decision time.

Allie said...

Girl....I'm speechless. I wish you luck!


Wellllll--that added up fast--didn't it???
I have alot of bom's to finish--some the blocks are all done--some still need a couple more to finish--
so my goal this year is to do one new one and then one ufo--at least it sounds gooooooooddddddd!!!!!
thought I had the new one done for this month--top wise--but am not sure that I might not do some frogging and resewing on it first!!!!
always something to keep me from getting to the ufo's!!!
best of luck--I will be watching you--but will only hold you to half that number!!!
Hugs.Di and miss gracie

Anonymous said...

Looks like you've got your work cut out for you and are going to have a very busy year. But also a satisfying year as well... as you finish each one and can cross it off the list.

I'll be cheering you on as you go. I didn't get everything on my 2011 list finished so will be moving those to my 2012 list and working on those when I can.

Miki Willa said...

Wow! You will have some really beautiful quilts when you are finished with these. I wish you joyful quilting and finishing.

pam said...

You have left me almost completely speechless! If I had this many unfinished projects in my house I would go nuts! I think perhaps you are one of those quilters that likes to put the quilt tops together but isn't all that crazy about the rest! lol!

I am just shaking my head over here! So many quilts to finish! And i just know you are bubbling over with ideas for more!

Marilyn said...

Wow Robin, that is a looong list. Well done on finding all of them and getting them out there. I am also part of Sew its Finished, so will see your progress throughout the year.
Last year I listed 12, as the full list was too daunting. I finished things, but not many of them were on that list. Still have to make this year's list.
Good luck with your finishing.