Monday, March 10, 2014

New booties

I finally finished these booties today. I have struggled so much with this order it has driven me crazy more than once. A friend on facebook posted a picture of the adult version of these slippers on my wall about a month ago asking if I could make these. Finding the pattern was the easy part. These booties have been floating around facebook and blogs for some time now. My first obstacle was finding the right yarn that not only my customer liked, the Mom that was going to be receiving the baby booties liked, and a yarn that would work for the design. For the adult booties I ended up using Red Heart's dark orchid and Knit Picks Chroma lollipop for the baby booties.

Once the right yarn was ordered then I had to learn how to do the crocodile stitch. I've watched this video a few times before so I had a good idea how the stitch worked. The actual crocodile stitch was pretty simple. The baby bootie used fingering weight yarn on a tiny hook so it was a bit fiddly but the actual stitch was easy. The hardest part was the actual bootie. I have the hardest time making the foot portion on booties and slippers.  I must have torn out and redid the purple slippers five times before I got a handle on it. By the time I made it to the last baby bootie (bootie #4) I finally was able to make one without ripping out too many stitches.

Even after all the trouble making these I would definitely make them again. I like the look and they feel very comfy. I think the adult version would look nice with a leather or suede sole stitched on. 



Oh they are love at first sight!!!
and I do seee you making some more of those--great job!!
hugs, di and miss gracie

Barb said...

These booties are sooooo adorable....sorry you had issues but gosh, they are adorable!