Sunday, July 17, 2016


I started another cross stitch project this month. This one will be for my oldest Justin. All three of my kids love Harry Potter. They were at the right ages to grow up with the books and then movies. Justin and Mandy either have HP tattoos or are planning on getting some. Unless he has changed his mind, Justin plans on getting an "Always" tattoo.

I found this cross stitch pattern on Etsy.

Justin's favorite colors are orange and lime green so I dyed some fabric with kool-aid. My first time dying with kool-aid and I think it came out pretty good. I wanted it to be a subtle background color and not over powering. 

This is a piece of even-weave fabric that came in a cross stitch kit that I worked up earlier this year. I had never worked on even-weave before and didn't want to try at the time so I used some Aida instead. I've spent several hours cross stitching recently and thought I would be brave and try the even-weave. That and I didn't want to spend any more money on cross stitch fabric. It's not too bad to work on but I think I will stick with my usual Aida. Even-weave seems like it would be good for something that has a lot of detail not something as simple as this. I definitely have to use a magnifier and pay close attention to which hole(s) I'm putting each stitch. Aida uses every hole where even-weave uses the corner holes from a set of 9 holes. 

When this one is done Mandy has requested this design by Clouds Factory.

This Epic Pokemon one will be for Robbie.

I think those should keep me busy for quite awhile.


Barb said...

You seem to always have your hands do some fun fun things.