Sunday, April 15, 2018

Button progress

I have been having fun just sitting and stitching buttons to my project. I'm trying for a color wheel color scheme but it's not a strict theme. In the beginning I'm adding all my extra large buttons because later on there won't be room for them. Nothing fancy for now. I'm just using the smaller pieces of embroidery floss and I'm not trying to match colors yet. I plan on adding beads and embroidery stitches to the buttons and parts of them might get covered anyways. I'm trying to be very relaxed and not stress over any part of it. There's enough stress in life without bringing it into the craft room, right?  

I'm leaving this out in the open just as you see it. Leaning against the desk top computer that I use occasionally. I like seeing all the bright colors when I'm sewing.



Love how your button wheel is coming along--what a neat idea!!!
I have some older buttons I keep wanting to do something with--
every year I promise myself--this is the year!!!???
enjoy, di