Tuesday, April 17, 2018

TTMT #39


Luci Florey said...

Hi Robin,
I love how your crumb quilt/curtain turned out ��

Aileen said...

Hi Robin. I am heading down to Naples for a root canal. Yuck.
I am still working on the crumbs and vortex blocks and X Marks the Block from FabricTherapy.blogspot.com
If you have time check out her Food Frenemies quilt. It is hilarious.

Do you knit fingerless gloves. If you do I would like to purchase 2 pairs for my daughter in Seattle for Christmas. I have see knitted ones that used the cable stitch that looks like an owl. She is an OWL NUT. Doesn't have to be that. Plain would be fine to. my email is aileycat1970 at gmail dot com. I could not find an email for you so posted here.

Also thanks for hooking me up with Mom and Pop. To Cute

Aileen in FL