Friday, September 5, 2008

Fabric postcards

I have been looking at all the wonderful fabric postcards all over blogland and have been wanting to try my hand at them. We have a few birthdays this month so I decided to get off my butt and give them a try.

My SIL Ronda is a 49ers fan so she is getting that one. Happy 40th Ronda!!!! This one goes to Upstate New York.

Her stepdaughter is 20 or 21 (you think I would know this by now) so she is getting one of the road sign ones. Happy Birthday Stacey!!! This one goes to Georgia.

My son-in-law is a golf freak, so he will get the golf one. Happy Birthday Dan!!!! This one travels to Connecticut.

The other stop sign is going to my daughter's best friend Danielle in Alabama. Happy just cuz' Dani!!!!!!

For these, I just stuck with the basic cardstock back and zig-zag around the outside. Next time I want to try using binding around the outside edges. I am afraid the stitches might come loose in the mail and the card will get all raggedy before it makes it to everyone.

I have also decided to make fabric postcards for everyone for Christmas. That way for those who "only" get a card, they will still have a small gift.

I put a regular 42 cent stamp on them and sent hubby to the post office. He works right next why not save myself a trip. The lady at the post office said they were the right size (I made them 4" X 6" ) and right postage. YIPPEE!! I did something right :) Now to keep my fingers crossed that they make it to their new homes OK.


Wendi said...

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