Monday, September 29, 2008

Free toys

My oldest son Justin (20) found a need to buy a new car stereo. He seems to find this need every year or so. This time, he installed it himself at home. Robbie (9) was right there with him helping out wherever he could. In other words....getting in the way and asking a bunch of questions. Luckily, Justin didn't mind. Maybe Robbie will pick up a few hints along the way.

When the installation was done, Robbie had a new "toy" to play with! I let him keep it for 2 weeks. It was too large to keep around any longer!

He turned it into a monster cave...a store ( a way to get money from Mom)...a secret hideout...and a few other things I'm sure. I think it was a boat on top of his bed at one point too. Who knows, he has a great imagination.

Just like the old saying I always heard when the big kids were little ~ Why spend lots of money on toys, when all they want to play with is the boxes?

This counts as a homeschool activity too! He drew pictures inside and made up wonderful stories to tell Mom all day...for many days!


Monika (witchym) said...

hihihi ... your story reminded me of an old story, my colleague told me once. She was sooo happy to finally have a grandchild. She and her husband made worked all year long to built a dollhouse for the girl. The girl was 3 when she got it as Christmas present, had a quick look at the house and then played with the box for days. hihihi grandmother and granddad were SO dissappointed. But that's how life is, isn't it? Lucky the kids who are satisfied with such simple things.
Best greetings from the far, cold and rainy Germany
Monika (witchym

Robin said...

Monika...for us, eventually the kids get around to playing with the actual toys.

I bet that was a wonderful house though.

Hope your weather warms up soon!