Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Halloween quilt

My youngest Robbie (9) always wants one of anything I make. This month, he decided he just had to have a new quilt because I was making them for the kids next door. Every weekend he has been hounding me to see if I had finished his quilt yet. He picked the fabric from my stash and I decided to try making half square triangles. Without much thought or plan, I just stitched a bunch together. Then, I let Robbie help with the layout. Surprisingly, we were able to get a few designs out of my random cuttings.

I think this quilt will last him for a long time. It will take a few years for him to outgrow one this size.

I decided to use embroidery floss to make a few outlines of bats in the orange squares. I also used the word BOO because of course it works for Halloween and also that is his nickname that Momma gave him a few years back. Then I just added some random squiggly lines that are one of my machine's stitches. I used glow in the dark thread for the squiggles. I wanted to machine quilt the whole thing, but I need some more practice before I can get a handle on that. It was actually relaxing to hand stitch even the small amount I did. I might need to practice on a smaller quilt and try hand quilting....

I also let Robbie pick out the back fabric. We just used a sheet we found at Walmart. I actually like this color.

Full size view...

I love how colorful it looks in his room. He was so cute when I first gave it to him Sunday afternoon. He wouldn't let anyone else touch it. He wouldn't even use it while he was playing video games. Normally, he likes to wrap up in a comforter because he says his room is too cold from the air conditioning. He told me he wanted to keep his new quilt "new" feeling until bed time. How sweet!