Saturday, January 10, 2009

To do list projects

Some of this weekends projects......

I was on a waiting list for what seemed like forever at JoAnne's (online) for this back ordered Giants cotton fabric. It's pretty easy to find the fleece, but not the cotton. Part of it will be made into lounge pants for Hubby this weekend. The rest will go towards a quilt. I'm sure I can tweak a few extra pieces out for some ornaments for my BIL and maybe a couple placemats. If not placemats, then definitely coasters.

I thought these guys were so cute when I first saw the book. As usual, it has been sitting on my shelf for awhile waiting for me to decide which one to make. Since I am trying to use up my yarn stash I went with the flamingo.

I've been working on this crocheted flamingo for a bit over a week now. The first few days were crocheting the main parts. The last couple of nights have been adding the fringe. You add a 4" piece of yarn to each stitch (pink parts only) like in latch hooking. I think I have about 10 hours worth of fringing done so far. I hope to finish it up either tonight or tomorrow. Then she needs a haircut!

I found this duck panel at my local thrift store for $.25. My BIL and SIL live on Lake Ontario in Upstate NY. My SIL is always talking about her ducks so my daughter and I thought she might like these. I thought they were a front and back so I could make a pillow. When I took them out today, I saw that they were both fronts. I guess someone had already cut out the backs and did whatever with them. I figured I could just use some of my fabric stash to make the backs. My hubby came up with a great idea though. (I know shocking isn't it?) He suggested I make two placemats for them. What a great idea!

So far those are my main projects to work on this weekend. I'm hoping to add some more but I don't know if the family will leave me alone that long. I've already wasted most of today out grocery shopping :) I did find some cool socks to make sock monkeys with though....


Anonymous said...

I'm loving the flamingo! He looks so cute!