Tuesday, March 9, 2010

DQS8 finished!!

I finally finished hand sewing the binding down on this little quilt. You would think a quilt this small would go together a lot faster lol.

Once again the weather is a bit yucky and cloudy out. The colors are close but the pics aren't quite right. This pic looks like the hat is blowing away in the breeze. I'm picturing my "lady" walking along the beach :)

This quilt pattern came from The January 2010 issue of The Quilter Magazine.  Of course I didn't follow the pattern exactly as usual.

If she were walking on the beach, she would need to carry her shoes though.

I've been in DollQuiltSwaps 7 & 8. They have both been fun but I don't think I will be doing it for another round. I think I would rather just make little quilts for my own house. Of course I will still haunt the Flickr group since there are some amazing quilts to see.

Now to start on March's Scnibble. The pattern finally made it to my house yesterday ... while I was out of course. Anyone working on something fun? I'm already behind on my blog reading but I wouldn't mind doing a bit extra :)


Jackie said...

Great little quilt! I think you are right she would need to carry the shoes and go barefoot!

Barb said...

WOW, Turned out wonderfully!!


real cute--you did a great job--way to go--girl!!! I am about done in myself--should of been off this thing a couple hours ago--but alast--I am still going----
I too plan to work on Schnibbles tomorrow!!!
Hugs, Di

Natalia said...

Again, very cute! I love the shoes! :)

Sara said...

I received this mini quilt in the mail today!!!
Thanks so much for all of the work you put in to this creative quilt!