Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Couple more things checked off the to do list

I cleaned my sewing area yesterday in preparation for finishing a couple projects today.

Last year BlueBird Quilts put up a quilting challenge. She would send a few of us a set of 5 hexagon style blocks and we would then turn them into a small quilt.

My blocks were mainly black and white. At first I thought about making flowers out of the hexagons but once I had them in my home I knew flowers wouldn't work. If they had been more colorful then they would have been fine. They have been sitting in my hexagon drawer for several months waiting to be turned into something spectacular. I don't think they became "spectacular" but they have been saved from the trash and will have a useful and purposeful life now.

I've  been wanting to try my hand at Dresden plates and thought they might work nicely for this project. My first instinct was to have the plates alternate with the hexagons. Then I reread the rules and saw that the quilts are to be under 27". Not going to work. Then I had the idea of using the hexagons as the center circle of the Dresden plates. When I was laying out the half plates I liked how they looked (see the corner blocks).

Today I sewed all the pieces on and quilted it. Add some nice red binding and it is ready to be loved.

As you can see I'm not very good at spacing. I took a whole piece of grey fabric and folded, measured, pinned, remeasured trying to get the pieces evenly spaced. Didn't happen. I'm OK with that though. This will be a fun little quilt to toss around and use top build forts. To cover up with in the car or on the couch. In other will be used.

Since the front is so dark I decided the back needed to have some color to it. I used the same fabric for the binding.  I failed the size requirement. It measures 27" X 42".

Now for something brighter. Our neighbor is waiting (im)patiently for her new Granddaughter to make her entrance into the world. She should only have a couple more weeks to wait if the baby girl decides to show up on time. I made this quilt last month but never got around to putting on the binding. Now it has it's binding and has been through the wash so it is all crinkly and ready to go to it's new home. I want to make a few bibs and burp cloths to go along with the new quilt.

The back is a soft pink with dark pink hearts all over it. The binding is the scraps from the front.


WoolenSails said...

Just found your blog from a contest link and love that top quilt. Something different and the background fabrics are nice and aged looking.


Anonymous said...

Hi Robin, thankyou for participating in the Challenge with the hexagon has been interesting to see the different variety of mini quilts...Warm Regards, Lyn

marian said...

wow that's a unique approach Robin..i like it very much!

Hasn't it been a FUN challenge..i have just finished my little hexagon quilt too :) cheers, Marian x


Well--you must be getting back to normal--are you all healed now!!!
Love your two projects--way to go!!!
Hugs, Di