Sunday, April 4, 2010

Hoppy Easter !!

Suzi  ( and I )  want to wish you a very HAPPY EASTER!! 

Enjoy your friends and family.  Do something today that makes YOU happy :)


sunny said...

How cute! Hope you had a wonderful Easter!


Happy Easter to and Suzi too!!!
wow--somehow I missed the quilt with Suzi and the flamingo--how beautiful is that--what a treasure--i would love it---I have always loved flamingos too and was soo happy to live in Florida so I could see them--only I was there 6 years and never saw one until the day before I left to come north again and that was at the new Zoo they built down there in Melbourne area!!!!!
Oh Robin thank you so much for asking others to vote on Marys quilt--sadly I see I fell way behind that "Kim" person--but she did have a great quilt and lots and lots of followers--sooo--maybe next time!! Thanks again--
Hugs, Di