Friday, September 24, 2010

More retail therapy

I placed and received an order from Keepsake Quilting a couple weeks ago. I saw the skeleton pattern last year and didn't order it. I had it in my mind all year long and when the Fall catalog came out I ordered it!

The white bones glow in the dark. Fun!! Of course there is no sense in  just ordering one kit when it is the same postage to order a few patterns too :)

These bucket bags a adorable!

Then they had a deal where you buy a mystery package of patterns at a discount. I don't normally buy mystery items because they are usually patterns I don't care for but I took the chance anyways.

I do like these pins but they are patterns that I could draw myself.

Because my name is Robin did they send me this one?

OK, this one is cool. I've been thinking of doing some kind of fun log cabin quilt and this might be the one.

Have you bought anything fun lately?


Barb said...

I just love your patterns, so fun.


sunny said...

You have been having fun!


I could use some "retail" therapy myself!!!! Only someone "spent" all my money this month!!!!!!!!!!!
Hugs. Di

Jenn said...

I've seen that log cabin pattern made up in a quilt show and if it is done with the right colors is really a knockout. The bucket bags are too cute! I guess I need to pop over to Amy's site and see what she's got going on. I love Indygo Junction patterns. :)

Zlaty said...

That is funny that they send you the robin pattern! :) You've got a lot of projects to work on! I hope you get a chance to work on the kit you won on my giveaway! ;)

Melinda Cornish said...

I love patterns!!!!!!

Cindy said...

Retail therapy is such good medicine - for anything...LOL