Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Day After

We had a wonderful Christmas and I hope you all did too. The weather was beautiful, the food was delicious, and all the kids were home. This will be the last year we are all together for a bit so I enjoyed having everyone under one roof....most of the time lol.

After a cup of water was spilled on the tree skirt, the tree was moved to the corner of the living room. Notice my catch all book case? Who needs a junk drawer when you have a whole shelving unit? This year I let Robbie play Santa and stack all the presents under the tree. Of course most of the things the kids asked for were movies and video games. They were stacked way under the tree in the back. Of course those were the first things everyone wanted to unwrap.

Mandy doesn't like unwrapping gifts so she had Suzi help her out again this year. That dog loves to tear paper!

Last month I won a chocolate Holiday house kit from Pam's blog. If you haven't been to visit her blog before I highly recommend stopping in for a visit. She has some amazing things to share, fun crafts and yummy recipes too.

I was going to let Robbie use the house as an Advent calendar but thought maybe Mandy would enjoy decorating it. So I kept it all boxed up until she came home. Of course she had no interest in decorating it. I let Robbie have all the fun and he had a blast.

My chocolate monster :)

Suzi sat there with him the whole time hoping he would drop something for her to steal. Silly dog, she just doesn't seem to understand that chocolate isn't good for doggies. Robbie snacked enough while making the house that he didn't even want to try a bite when he was done.

Thanks for the afternoon of fun Pam!

p.s. All three kids did enjoy decorating a gingerbread house on Christmas day though. They each decorated pieces of the house but never put them together. They are eating them like cookies :)


Barb said...

sounds like alot of fun was had at your home....that chocolate house looks sooooo yummy!

sewmeow said...

Wonderful family fun.....creating more memories.

Micki said...

Congrats on your win and so glad that you all had so much fun!

Stray Stitches said...

Looks like a lot of fun was had by all!


Oh what a fun family day and those memories are there now forever!
and most of all -- we all survived!!!
Hugs, Di and miss gracie

pam said...

Robbie did a great job on the Chocolate house! Has he found out yet that the chocolate is just delicious?

So glad you were able to have your family all together this holiday.

Gingerbread house peice cookies! Now that is a new one!