Monday, December 27, 2010

Look who I found

We have been so busy lately that I never posted about Mandy making it home.

Suzi was waiting very patiently for Sissy to arrive home. She sat on her bed to make sure she didn't miss her lol.

When we arrived home from the airport we saw this turtle in the neighbor's yard. Not sure where he came from or where he was going but he was cruising right along happily. You can tell it is has been dry here lately. Everyone's lawns pretty much look like this. We have year round water regulations so there isn't alot of watering going on. This neighbor actually runs his sprinklers a few days a week (based on the rules)  and it still isn't enough. At least we don't have to mow 2 or 3 times a week in the winter.

A quick stop at home and then off to Grandma's to surprise her. Mandy told all the local family that she was arriving on Saturday even though her plane landed Friday mid morning.  How do you like my curtain on the front door? When I had an actual curtain up there it would constantly get knocked down either by us or the wind. Put up a drab pillowcase and it never falls lol. I think I will pick up a set of those magnetic curtain rods and put up a pretty curtain again and hope for the best.

These pictures were all taken in Pine Island at Grandma's.  Grandma is my step mother and she now lives at my Grandparents trailer. My Grandparents lived there forever. I think they bought the place in the late 70's and lived there year round since 1981 or 1982 until they both passed away a few years back. After my Father passed away it was rented out for a bit until a few months ago when my step mother decided to move out there. She has done an amazing job fixing the place up. It looks so homey again.

She lives out there with my Dad's dog Jack, her new pup from one of my Sister's dogs litter and two cats. Jack likes to bring you one of his stuffed toys so you can pet the toy and him. When he was in his prime he used to chase cars up and down the road. He went to doggie jail once for chasing a cop car and biting the bumper lol. Now he just likes to lay outside and scratch his tummy on the grass.

I think Mandy likes the pup though. Won't get too much bigger than this.

Remember wherever you are, Mandy will be keeping an eye on you!