Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!!

Nothing too exciting happened around here. The neighbors lit off so many fireworks last night that my bedroom lit up! Our poor little kitty Miss Mocha was so scared she spent most of the night hiding up under my recliner. She was only a few months old for The Fourth of July and she was still sleeping in bed with me so they didn't bother her much but now that she is older she really doesn't like them.

Miss Mocha likes to help me craft. She's not this tiny anymore.

Miss Whiskers is an old pro with the big noise makers and she slept right through them.

Whiskers likes to claim the top of my chair.


Jackie said...

Thankfully our neighbors didn't set off fireworks this year. I'm quite sure they haven't missed a NYE in years. My pups were grateful. While we still had fireworks in the neighborhood it was much quieter than normal. I hope Miss Mocha is out from her hiding spot!

Barb said...

Happy New Years Robin!!!


I love both of those kitties--
give them a hug from me--
hugs, di and miss gracie