Saturday, January 18, 2014

My latest creative addiction

I've been seeing lots of cowls being made on facebook and instagram this past year. I never really thought much about them before because I couldn't figure out what the big deal was. Why not wear a scarf? Isn't that what they are for, to keep your neck warm? Plus, it's easy to wrap them around your face if your nose gets cold. Then I made this ribbed cowl with a nice soft yarn I found.

The Beachcomber's cowl is a simple but enjoyable knit. I worked on it here and there for a couple of days and was surprised how quickly I finished it. I thought all that ribbing would take me FOREVER but it went much faster than I would have guessed. After testing it out I now realize the value of a soft hand knit cowl. It doesn't blow off on a windy day like a scarf does, and it keeps you much warmer than a scarf too. Also, it doesn't give you hat head when you pull it up to keep your ears warm. I know I will be making more cowls in the future. They are a quick and fun project plus they are a great way to play with different stitch patterns.



Oh happy day--Robin did a post today!! I went to a new daytime knitting session yesterday at the new yarn shop--(it is in the same place as the old one I used to go to--just has new owners--19 women!!!)
there was about 6-8 of us there--and it was really nice with great talking and laughing and some knitting even!!!!!
I like that cowl--you did a great job--am thinking about doing one!!
hugs, di and miss gracie