Wednesday, March 11, 2009

In the binding pile

The Barbie quilt is made from a stack of fat quarters I've had laying around for a couple years. Trying to find different ways to use up the stack. I've put a pretty good dent in it now.

I have two of these ABC quilts done. I bought this fabric over a year ago and thought it would make great pillowcases or something. Then, I needed a quick quilt for a co-worker to take to a baby shower. This fabric works great for a baby quilt. The alphabet repeats twice on it. I love the vibrant colors and the different things each letter represents.

I have three quilts waiting for their binding. I am so proud of myself for actually get this far. When I first started thinking about making quilts, it was very scary and overwhelming. Now, I spend most of my day thinking of different things to make and how I might quilt them.

I'm really getting hooked on free motion quilting too! Even the family loves all the squiggles that show up on the back. These three quilts just have some straight stitches though. With the design of the quilts, I figured it would be better to just make a few lines.

The Barbie quilt has strips and pieces of the Barbie fabric for its backing. The ABC quilts have some fabric I dyed a turqouise-ish color for their backs.

I have the bindings cut for all three, just not sewn together and pressed yet. That will probably be done this weekend. My asthma is flaring again and I'm afraid to do anything to big right now. I have a tendency to get a bit wobbly with my sewing when I'm not breathing right. Don't want to be too friendly with the seam ripper :)


Dragon's Dolphin said...

Robin, I LOVE the ABC quilt! Love the Barbie quilt too, but I really like the ABC quilt. Just thought I'd share something that Barb of Bejeweled Quilts let us all in on. Surge the edges of the quilt before binding it. She said that it helps TREMENDOUSLY!!! Makes the binding go so much faster that way. Know what you mean about being kind of wobbly when the asthma flares up. I'm the same way!