Thursday, March 12, 2009

Kenny the Frog

Robbie always likes to make a weird face when I take his picture. Crazy kid!

I have a few skeins of spring green yarn sitting around waiting to be made into something. I looked at it one day and decided...DUH!! It needs to be a frog!

I love Kristie's patterns and was lucky enough to be a tester a couple years ago for her Piggy Back Pals 2 pattern. I highly recommend any and all of her patterns - even for beginners. She designs some fun and easy to follow patterns. Her Backpack Baby is a great pattern for the little girl in your life. With Easter coming soon, it might be a nice alternative to all the candy the kids are hoping to get.


Nikki said...

Love the frog!! My 3-year-old is obsessed with frogs at the moment, so I see a lot of them... this one of yours is particularly cute!