Saturday, December 19, 2009

Still Here

Lately I haven't been crafting much. That leads to not blogging much either. Not many people want to hear how I sat on my butt and played on Facebook or that I read a couple books. With Christmas so close now, I thought I better get off my duff and get sewing!

These 8 four patch blocks (12.5") are for a swap. These aren't due until January 4th so of course I just had to make them now.

I bought bunches of Santa hats last year after Christmas to make these purses. My big plan was to have them in my shop right after Thanksgiving. So I just got around to making the first one this week. Maybe next year lol.

Now, for the projects that need to be done before Christmas (this year). This is the start of a quilt. I managed to get the top pieced. Not too difficult since it is a panel and I just added the tan border to bring it up to size.

I also pieced this quilt top. This one I actually had to make. I did use some precut squares I picked up on Ebay last month. Both these quilts WILL be done before Christmas!!

My son and his girlfriend like to lay in his big king size bed and watch movies. The problem with this is that she likes to steal his pillow lol. Poor Justin just isn't used to sharing his pillows or blankets  yet.

Every year I buy the whole family new pillows (and towels). I picked up an extra for Sheyla and then made her this pillowcase today. She loves Winnie the Pooh and all his friends so I grabbed some of this fabric when I was at JoAnn's last week. Justin has a pillowcase with his name on it so I made one with Sheyla's name for her. Now maybe he won't have to share his pillow...maybe :)

**The pillowcase pics were done at night so the colors aren't all that clear in these pics. The blue is a nice deep navy blue. Compliments the Pooh fabric nicely.



Just because you did not do any sewing or quilting does not mean we do not want to hear from you---after all there is other things in life besides quilting--only don't tell Di that as she thinks that is all there is!!!!! Let us hear about the books you read and if you liked them or not--how are we to know if we want to take a tiny break from our quilting unless we know if the book is worth the reading!!!
Love your last minute gifts--those Santa hat pursed are so cute---!!!
Have a great day tomorrow--hugs, Di

Niki :-) said...

thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving a nice comment. i know i have lots or lurkers out there, just never said hi :)