Monday, December 28, 2009

The tree is down - time to move on

Well, we all survived another Christmas rush. Did you get all your handmade gifts finished in time? I made it just under the wire. I was finishing the hems on two pairs of lounge pants the morning of the 24th. Not too bad since I made 8 quilts as gifts this year.

One of my sister's is a Grover collector. She was given a stuffed Grover when she was born (many, many years ago lol) and has been collecting Grover items ever since. I had big plans for an elaborate appliqued and embroidered quilt but that went out the window when it got closer to Christmas and I hadn't even started it yet.


She also informed me that she is now a Pink Panther fan.I found these Pink Panther novelty squares on Ebay.

I also found some fabric Grover ornaments on Ebay. I'm guessing you are supposed to sew two of these triangles together and stuff to make an ornament. Or, you can raw edge applique them onto the blank squares in a quilt :)

My Grover fanatic sister actually found a Sesame Street sheet at a garage sale not realizing what I was going to do with it. There were 2 Grover areas so I cut them into  12.5" squares and added them in too. The blue is from a sheet I bought.

The back is a fabric that was given to me by my neighbor. The color was perfect for this quilt.

This hunting style quilt is for my sister's hubby. He loves to hunt and fish so when I saw this panel on Ebay, I grabbed it. Another sheet for the borders and it's good to go.

The back was a bit plain so I raw edge appliqued some fish fabric circles here and there. Kind of like a school of fish.

Lounge pants for my niece Christine...

...and her brother Bryant.

I have a couple projects to finish up this year and then it is on to something new!


Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

wow, you got a lot done this year!! Love the grover quilt, I am now on an Elmo hunt!!! Thank you for a wonderful idea!

Barb said...

You did get alot done...totally amazing.

Jackie said...

You've been very busy! I made very few hand made items this year - mainly because I didn't get a lot finished. Maybe next year...but I'll need to start very early!


MY you are a "brave" soul--by getting your tree put away already!!!!! Actually I almost did mine on Sunday--where as in the past I always hated to take it down on New Year's day--but it is stillup--keep finding other things I want to do, first--like finishing some quilting projects!!!!
Love the quilt and the lounge pants--so now what are you going to do?? Hugs, DI