Monday, December 7, 2009

Sunday's accomplishments

After Saturdays accomplishments, I thought I would see what I could finish on Sunday.

I had the pieces cut out for this tree table centerpiece for about a month now. I was just trying to get my head around how it was sewn together. The directions left it looking more confusing than it really was. I decided to just go for it. It worked out OK in the end.

It measures 17" tall and is stuffed firmly. I learned that it would be better to stuff all 6 sections at the same time instead of each section individually (which is what I did). The 2 sections towards the bottom left were the last ones I stuffed. Since I stuffed the first 4 so full, that left less room to stuff the last 2 sections. If I make another, I will make it shorter and stuff it in a different order.  I think it might need some red ribbon bows tied to the points. Plus, it needs a star on top. Right now it is too tall to put on the coffee table because it blocks the TV a bit.

Robbie was bored so I put him to work.

Didn't last long though lol. Robbie has always loved playing with my fluff. It's never safe around him.

December's Schnibble pattern is Truffles. I have to say that I don't really care for pincushions. I don't use them. I have made them but they just get tossed around by the kids and dog.

That being said, what am I going to do? I made the commitment to make a Schnibble each and every month. I plan on sticking to that commitment.

So, Once again I am going against the norm and making a quilt. I am using all the same patterns that are used in the pattern. They will all be 18" blocks. The first was the shoofly. I have always enjoyed this pattern.


Then I did the courthouse steps. I plan on making them all in Christmas colors. Not sure what the final quilt will measure but it will be an adventure.

Back to work today so I'm not sure what I will finish...


PJS said...

I really love the little christmas tree, it looks great. I have to admit, I have no idea how you cope without pincusions.... I cant do without mine, though I have to weight them because it irritates me when they flop about when I try to stick pins in them.


OH Dear--you have put me to "shame" i was thinking maybe I would "kinda" forget this month's Schnibbles as like you said--I do like pincushions--but right now have plenty and I like to add weight to them and I don;t have anything right now to use--but like you said we made a commitment--so your quilt idea sounds like fun--but I need to order my pattern--first--so guess I will have to do that right now--see ya later-----
Hugs, Di

Anonymous said...

Hi Robin, I love your Christmas tree, you have been busy....I have not signed for you have the info....I suppose it is too late...Warm Regards Lyn

Corrie - Quilt Taffy said...

Creativity at it's best...what a good idea to make blocks instead. I do like a cute pincushion.